MOLECULE is a DMP solution that helps you understand your customers better and find potential customers using our large volume of 3rd party data and analytical skills.

Use the many functions we provide with MOLECULE to create and analyze audience segments, conduct targeting campaigns, and review results of campaigns to refine audience segments and campaigns.


With TG Audience Manager, create various types of audience segments with the many 3rd party data stored in MOLECULE such as Demographic Data, Interests, and Online/Offline Behavioral Data.


Also create audience segments with your 1st party data or by integrating 1st party data with our 3rd party data.  

TG Audience Manager shows how customers or potential customers behave in the digital world and what types of interests they have outside of your brand. 



With TG MyData Manager, upload your customers NII

(non-identifiable identity such as ADID) into MOLECULE to understand how your customers behave in the digital world.  

Gather information about what your customer are interested in outside of your brand, which websites they visit and what they purchase online and offline.


With TG Tag Manager, tag users visiting your website, mobile sites or Apps to gather information about visitors's digital behavior.

It is important to use TG Tag Manager function to gather a large volume of digital data in real time.  

TG360 provides a tag script and support on how to tag in desired websites and Apps.



Analyze audience segments using various tools available in TG Analytics to have a better understanding of audience segments and to define target segments.  

Find potential customers similar to high value customers using "lookalike" modeling tool to expand prospect customer base. 

Conduct overlap analysis with several created audience segments to create a new audience segment and analyze its digital behavior. 

With TG Analytics, refine target audience segments by changing criteria and volume to improve target campaign results.



With TG Campaign Manager, conduct campaigns to target audience segments through MOLECULE with

Wider Planet DSP engine, Facebook and Youtube.

TG Campaign Manager shows KPIs related to campaigns such as number of clicks, conversion rate and more.  With results, you can adjust criteria and volume of target audience segments. 


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