Addition to analyzing customers using MOLECULE, TG360 also provides services from developing data strategy to developing system to become a data-based driven company. 


With MOLECULE solution, create and segment various audience groups using the large volume of data.  Using many analytic tools, identify target audience groups and conduct campaigns to target audience.

With MOLECULE solution, understand how your customers behave outside of your brand, gain insights of customers not obtained with internal customer data and have a 360 degree view of customers to gain deeper knowledge of customers.

Not only can you gain customer insights, you can also find audience segments that have similar traits to your loyal customers and help with expanding new customer base. 

Analyze audience segments' behavior and interests, and use these findings when developing marketing strategy, digital strategy product development and more.



With the experience and knowledge we have in developing our own DMP solution, we provide consulting services to companies wanting to develop their own private DMP solution to collect their own customers' NII (non-identifiable id such as ADID).

We advise on how to integrate with and strategically use MOLECULE solution with your customer data system.

We evaluate current status of your customer data system and recommend a to-be system that fits your strategy and provide consulting service in developing your to-be system.

We also provide services in developing Customer Data Platform(CDP) that can collect every types of customer data. 




Customer Acquisition

Customer Engagement

Contents Development



With the vast volume of data that TG360 has, we develop and provide research reports on current issues and trends.  You can use the research reports when developing business strategy, marketing strategy and even with customer strategy.

We also provide consulting services in developing digital marketing strategy for companies wanting to enter or  improve their presences in the digital market. 



We provide data licensing service to companies wanting to purchase our 3rd party data.

We provide licensing service to international DMP companies and to domestic/international DSP companies wanting to conduct targeting ads in Korea.

We provide our 3rd party data through an OEM method or through an API integration method.  


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